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Metro Lighting Wins Statewide Sustainability Award!

Metro Lighting was honored to receive a California Climate Leader award on February 12, 2015!

Sometimes independent micro-businesses lead their industries toward new goals. Ever ahead of the curve, Metro Lighting has won numerous awards for their sustainability efforts, this time a statewide recognition from CoolCalifornia.org a project of the California Air Resources Board. Metro Lighting was one of sixteen small businesses honored in a ceremony on February 12 at the California EPA in Sacramento.

Metro Lighting owners– Lawrence Grown and Christa Rybczynski– with their daughter Eliza accepted their award in Sacramento.

Lighting showrooms inevitably use a large amount of energy, but at Metro Lighting, 100% of their electrical usage is offset by 120 rooftop solar panels. And their singular commitment to sustainability shines through their beautiful lighting: at Metro you'll find gorgeous pendants made with bottles harvested from Berkeley bars and restaurants, unique chandeliers that incorporate bicycle parts, and stunning glass shades recast from crushed bottles and jars.


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