• Insulator/Traffic Light Pendant
  • Insulator/Traffic Light Pendant

Insulator/Traffic Light Pendant

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Once used to hold power cables to telephone poles, these repurposed glass insulators now make handsome lighting shades. Made from cast glass in the United States until the 1970s, they are thick and heavy for their size, many with cast lettering to indicate their brand. Intermediate base sockets hold a 25 or 40 watt incandescent reflector bulb, sold separately.

Paired with insulators, we give glass traffic signal lenses new life as lighting pendants. Glass lenses have been replaced across the country with polycarbonate versions, making the glass originals available for reuse. The green is more of an aquamarine, and the yellow an amber-orange, as you can see from the photos. Fun, funky, and part of a fascinating story. 

Insulators are 3.75" diameter by 4" or 4.25" height. Traffic lenses are 8" or 12" diameter.

Ceiling canopies are 5" diameter.