• Bottle Pendant, Herradura
  • Bottle Pendant, Herradura

Bottle Pendant, Herradura

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These interesting square bottle shades are thicker glass than most, and have a horseshoe shape on the front, with rectangular panels on the sides. They taper slightly from 4" down to just over 3.5", and are about 6" tall.

Post-consumer bottles are collected, cleaned, drilled, and cut to size, then finished by grinding and fire-polishing the edges. Our stock of these found materials varies and certain orders may take longer to fulfill as we await the harvest. 

Our cord pendants come with 48" of cord, (longer cords available on request) which can be shortened on site by means of a simple two-part cable connector on the fixture. Simply unscrew the outer cap to expose the inner component with "teeth." Slide the cord to the desired length, then screw the cap back on, being careful to squeeze the "teeth" back inside to clamp on the cord. Trim the excess cord above the ceiling canopy.