• Acacia Prairie Cylinder Table Lamps, Vine

Acacia Prairie Cylinder Table Lamps, Vine

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In the production of our Prairie Glass line, we use post-industrial glass content. Scrap glass from the stained glass industry is remelted for for the purpose of glass blowing, and the final product is spectacular. Recycled content 90-100% post-industrial material.

Originated by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800s, lustre art glass is characterized by iridescent surfaces and often complex colors and patterns. In the hands of a skilled artist/chemist, silver is used in combination with molten glass, along with other metals and minerals to create a sophisticated palette.

Metro Lighting's Acacia Table Lamp is simple and streamlined, modern, with a level of detail that indicates the craft of its creation. It serves as a neutral backdrop to the drama of the shade it holds, allowing the glass to take center stage. Assembled from solid brass components, these lamps are built to last a lifetime.

Dimensions: 3" diameter x 6"+/- high glass shade, base is 4.25" diameter, lamp is 16.5" +/- tall with shade.

Shades may vary in height from 5.75" to 6.5", but we will do our best to match sets when they are ordered together.

U.L. listed, 60 watts max.