30 watt Edison-Beacon bulb

  • Houzz

This light bulb is a reproduction of early Edison bulbs, with a beautiful glowing tungsten filament.

It offers a very warm 120 lumen output. This is not a high-efficiency bulb, but it has the "cool factor" that can be just right as an accent piece. Like a beacon to light your way home, this tubular bulb will focus attention on the fixture it inhabits.

  • Brightness: 120 lumens (similar to an 18 watt standard filament bulb)
  • Estimated yearly energy cost: $3.61 (based on 3 hrs/day. 11c/kWh. costs depend on rates and use)
  • Life expectancy: 3000 hrs = 2.7 years (based on 3 hrs/day)
  • Light Appearance: 2400K (warm white)
  • CRI (Color Rendition Index) 100 (incandescent)
  • 1-3/16" diam, 6-1/4" H beyond the socket