Handcrafted in California

Handcrafted in California

Creating beautiful and affordable designs is easiest when the designer and craftsperson collaborate. At Metro Lighting, we've deliberately kept our metal shop, design studio, and retail showroom under one roof so all members of our team work together to make just what you need. 

As a model of the 'Slow Goods' movement, Metro Lighting is leading the manufacturing industry away from mass-produced, disposable products toward the use of sustainable goods made by skilled craftspeople. Our customers get better quality in their products and we all get a healthier planet. 

Metro Lighting’s employees build fixtures in our on-site metal shop where metal is formed and finished by hand. Our metal components are turned, spun, forged, cast, or machined, and made locally when possible. 

Our glass is repurposed, cast, kiln-formed, or mouth-blown utilizing an array of studio glass techniques. Your purchase of Metro Lighting supports local employment of these talented artisans. In doing so, their skills and technologies are retained and sustained locally. 

 We Value Our Community

Metro Lighting serves as a creative conduit, connecting customers with skilled artisans. Our network brings together loyal customers, faithful suppliers, appreciated workers, and a community of like-minded citizens. In 2011, we won the Residential Lighting Showroom of the Year Award for Exceptional Community Involvement. 

Additionally, Metro Lighting is committed to working with American artisans who share our passion for sustainable products. We have partnered with studios across Northern California. Your purchase at Metro Lighting supports the Bay Area artisan community and beyond.