• Welcome to Metro Lighting!

    Welcome to our new website, launched February 2014! Our online shopping experience focuses on our sustainable product line and items that we can build and ship quickly. 

    We also offer hundreds more sconces, pendants, table and floor lamps in our Berkeley showroom. To get a better sense of these offerings, take a virtual showroom tour or check out our previous website at metrolighting.lmi.net. There you will find a wider array of fixtures that we are happy to build-to-order. We offer these mostly for in-store pick up, but we can ship many items within the U.S. These fixtures take 4-6 weeks to build. Some prices have changed, and some glass shades have been discontinued; please call or email for more information.

  • Lighting Your Kitchen

    Embarking on a kitchen remodel can be a daunting prospect. With so many decisions to make, choosing your lighting may seem overwhelming. The key is to layer the light using a mix of general, task, and accent lighting. You'll want to provide adequate lighting for safe and comfortable cooking conditions, and to create a warm and inviting space. 

    For general lighting, consider the style and size of your kitchen. For a small space, one overhead light may be enough. For larger rooms, use a combination of ceiling flush mounts, pendants, and recessed can lights. 

    For task lighting, hang pendants over the counters, tables, bar islands, and sink areas. Under cabinet lighting may also be used to further illuminate work surfaces. Hang pendants low enough low enough to light the counter or table, but now so low that they obstruct views. A good guideline is 5'-6" to 6'-6" from the floor to the bottom of your pendant.

    For accent lighting, consider pendants sconces with richer glass colors, but use light colored glass shades to maximize brightness for general lighting.

        The right lighting is both useful and beautiful, creating functional spaces that feel welcoming and look stunning day or night. Be sure to choose something you love!

        *If you live in California, check with your designer and/or contractor to find out if your project is subject to California's Title 24 Energy code, which sets energy efficiency standards. This may affect how your fixture are designed and wheteher you decide to illuminate with incandescent, LED, or fluorescent light.